check_ssl_cert Probe for InterMapper

Do you know when your SSL certificate expires for critical services, such as your public web server or the on-line store? Are you sure that someone’s aware of the cutoff date?

The Check SSL Certificate probe for InterMapper will continually check a web server’s SSL certificate, and give you a warning when the expiration date is less than 30 days away, or go to critical when it’s less than 10 days away. The probe runs every six hours, so it won’t tax your server.

Download from


  • You will also need the Nagios check_ssl_cert plugin (.zip archive)
  • Expand the archive, and copy the check_ssl_cert file from the archive to the top level of the InterMapper Settings/Tools folder.
  • Ensure that the check_ssl_cert file is executable (chmod +x check_ssl_cert)
  • Use File -> Import Probe… to import the InterMapper probe
  • Add a device to your map with IP address/DNS name of your SSL server.

The probe will query the SSL server and examine its certificate.

Note: The Nagios plugin only works on Linux, Unix or OSX that can execute a /bin/sh command. If you would like a Windows version of this probe, please contact me

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